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Chelsea is a refined and simply beautiful fragrance. Sophisticated and uplifting with bursts of plump ripe black figs and gentle, earthy woody notes of vetiver. This subtle yet distinct fragrance adds an unexpected touch to any environment.

Notes: Black Fig, Coconut, Jasmine, Amber, Petitgrain, Vetiver

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Chelsea | 1kg Scented CandleChelsea | 1kg Scented Candle
Chelsea | 1kg Scented Candle Sale priceR 1,667.00
Chelsea | 500g Scented CandleChelsea | 500g Scented Candle
Chelsea | 250g Scented CandleChelsea | 250g Scented Candle
Chelsea | Travel Votive
Chelsea | Travel Votive Sale priceR 125.00
Chelsea | Reed Diffuser
Chelsea | Reed Diffuser Sale priceR 563.00
Chelsea | Interior Scent
Chelsea | Interior Scent Sale priceR 226.00
200ml Scenting System Refill
200ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 555.00
500ml Scenting System Refill
500ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 1,286.00
50ml Scenting System Refill
50ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 187.00