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Coco Char

Coco Char

This contemporary fragrance is summer personified.

Visions of palm trees, clear skies and blue waters float to mind as you take in the rich, warm buttery coco vanilla scents of the warmer season. Tropical notes are the perfect accompaniment to relaxed cocktails by the pool on a warm summer evening.

Notes: Bergamot, Jasmin, Cedar, Amber, Vanilla, Coco Butter

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Coco Char | 1kg Scented CandleCoco Char | 1kg Scented Candle
Coco Char | 1kg Scented Candle Sale priceR 1,667.00
Coco Char | 500g Scented CandleCoco Char | 500g Scented Candle
Coco Char | 250g Scented CandleCoco Char | 250g Scented Candle
Coco Char | Travel Votive
Coco Char | Travel Votive Sale priceR 125.00
Coco Char | Reed Diffuser
Coco Char | Reed Diffuser Sale priceR 563.00
Coco Char | Interior Scent
Coco Char | Interior Scent Sale priceR 226.00
200ml Scenting System Refill
200ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 555.00
500ml Scenting System Refill
500ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 1,286.00
50ml Scenting System Refill
50ml Scenting System Refill Sale priceR 187.00