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How to Videos

We hope you find these instructional videos helpful. If you have any further questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to drop us a line.


Device placement

SOH Scent Marketing provide a wide range of fragrance diffusers for home and business use. The principles required to succesfuly scent an area are common to all applications regardless of area size and shape. We hope this short video will give you some insight and guidlines on how and where best to place your SOH Scent Marketing system in order to acheive the best scented effect for your chosen application.

Setting the timer

Custom set the fragrance intensity and running hours of your fragrance system? This short video will teach you the basic setting to get your system fired up and your desired space smelling great. From simple settings to advanced, the SOH systems are designed to deliver the perfect fragance setting.

Changing the fragrance

Whether you are setting up your unit for the first time or changing your fragrance to something new for that added lux feel. This video will show you how simple the process is and in a flash you will have your SOH scent Marketing system filling your home with a Magnifiscent touch.