How do I set-up my Roma Luxe scenting unit? 

- Download the Aroma Smart free app.

- Click on WiFi mode / Click networking / connect unit to local WiFi & add local password / jump to cell settings and connect WiFi to your scenting device ie: Aroma_linkxxx / add unit password (12345678) / return to Aroma Smart app and device will successfully connect within few mins / unit online.

- Directed to unit set up page. 

 What are my recommended Roma Luxe unit settings?

-Time and Day - your personal preference.

- Fan - not essential, turn off.

- Frequency - W-30 sec P-90 sec.

- Fragrance level - A.

- Click save at every stage to activate your changes.

What do I do when my Roma Luxe unit wont connect to my WiFi?

Try again as close to your router as possible as your WiFi may be temperamental .

 My Roma Luxe unit wont connect to my WiFi and I cant gain access to my app even after trying to connect a few times?

Reset your unit.

- Press and hold the button under the lights on front of unit / plug in device / keep holding button in while the WiFi indicator is off then flashes on / when this WiFi indicator starts to flash release the button / when it flashes 4 times this means the units is not connected and reset was successful.

My unit makes a gentle noise when its fragrancing, is this normal?

Yes, this is totally normal. All scenting units have enclosed pumps that essentially allow the units to diffuse the fragrance. 

Do I need to add water to my fragranced oil?

Never add water to your fragrance oil if you are using the Roma Luxe unit.

Can I control my Roma Luxe if I am not at home?

No, you need to be within range of your WiFi to effectively amend your scenting unit settings.