Gift Boxed Scented Candle

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Create a romantic or homely feel by lighting one of our chic 320g scented candles with a burning time 40+ hours . Slow burning, modern glass containers and come in a range of gorgeous fragrances.

To spice things up this festive season, all of our candles will have our limited edition festive branding! We just love this time of year so much, we couldn't resist!


Luxury matt candle box:
Dimensions: 91 x 82 x 82mn1 (made for 320g candle)

Chloe Mar

A refreshing, clean and crisp scent that is recognisable anywhere. Made up of lemon grass and green tea extracts, this fragrance will leave you feeling exhilarated, revitalised and ready to conquer the day.

Coco Char

Imagine sitting on a tropical beach, sipping on a cocktail watching the sunset, summer at its best. Coco butter, coconut, vanilla and tropical blends make up this luxurious summery scent.


Intense, warm, slightly more feminine, sexy and intoxicating. Hope is an unforgettable fragrance that screams luxury. Made up of notes such as pink pepper, jasmine and musk, it is one of our favourites.


Indulge in an earthy, spicy, heady unisex but verging on masculine fragrance. Made up of black pepper, cedarwood, sandalwood and white musk as some of the key notes. This chic bushlands scent rings out deluxe adventure!